The Privacy policy of Cherie D includes how the website discloses, uses, and collects the customer's personal information, when making a purchase or visit the site. When our customers pay a visit to the website, we will collect all the information about their device. We will also collect the interaction made with the website and all other necessary information to complete the purchase. If you get in touch with us to receive our assistance, we will collect all the additional data. Under our Privacy Policy, all the information helps uniquely identify and individuals in the form of personal information. To know more, please check the list provided below! 

The device information

  • Example of personal data collection: The web browser version, how to communicate with the website, IP address, search terms, time zone, websites, or products our customer's view, and cookie information.
  • Declaration for business-related purposes: This type of data is shared with our processor Shopify.
  • The purpose of collecting: We collect all the device data so that our website can function correctly on your browser and perform analytics on the site usage to optimize our website.
  • The origin of collection: The data of your browser is collected automatically. It takes place when you visit our website with the help of pixels, cookies, log files, web portals, beacons, or tags. 

The order information

  • Disclosure for business-related reasons: We share the information with our processor Shopify.
  • Source of collection: We collect all the data directly from our customers. 
  • Type of personal information collected: We collect information like email address, billing address, name, phone number, shipping address, and payment information.
  • The purpose of the collection: We collect our customer's data to provide them our services products, process the payment information, provide our customers with invoices, interact with our customers, and arrange for shipping. We also collect the data to screen the orders to look for risks or fraud and provide advertisements related to our services and products.

The customer-support information:

  • The type of information we collect: We information such as shipping address and name. 
  • Reason to gather the data: We collect such information to provide customer support to our customers.
  • The actual source of collection: We get all the information from our customers.
  • Disclosure for business collection: All the information is shared with Shopify, our processor.

Sharing of personal information

  We share our customer's information with the service providers to provide our customers with our services and fulfill the contract. Given below are some of the examples we would you to take a look at:  
  • We take Shopify's help to control and operate our online, and you are free to check how exactly Shopify utilizes your website by going through their website.
  • We might share your data to comply with the applicable regulations and laws, search warrant, respond to a subpoena, or any other lawful request. Otherwise, we share personal information to protect our rights. 

The use of personal information

  The only reason we utilize our customer's data is to provide them with our products and services. We use the information to fulfill orders and shipping, for payment processing, and provide the products we have in store.    The personal information also helps us keep each of our customers updated about our products and services and any changes or upgrades that we make. Doing so will help you and all our customers receive high-quality experience from our website.   

Automatic decision-making

   Individuals who are a resident of EEA, have the right to object to processing, which is based on the automatic decision-making. One can only object when that decision-making has a legal impact on them or significantly affects them.    We from Cherie D do fully engage in automated decision-making that significantly affects our customers. Shopify utilizes limited automate decision-making, which includes the temporary denial of the IP address associated with the continuously failed transaction.    The deny-list will also endure for several hours. Also, Shopify will temporarily deny-list all the credit cards that are associated with the deny-listed IP addresses, and it will persist for several days.  

The cookies

  A cookie is a small amount of data that gets downloaded to our customer's device or computer when they visit our website. We utilize various cookies, such as content, functional, social media, and advertising cookies.    With the help of cookies, our customers' browsing experience becomes much better as it enables the website to remember our customer's preferences and actions. It means that our fellow customers do not have to reenter their details each time they return to our website or jump from one page to another.   Apart from that, the cookies will also provide valuable information on exactly one can use the website when they are visiting for the first time or is a frequent visitor. The amount of time the cookies remain on the device will depend on a session or a persistent cookie. The session cookies will be available until to stop browsing, and the persistent cookies will last until they expire or get deleted.  

The do-not-track session

  Since there is no consistent industry understanding of how to utilize the "Do not track" option, we do not alter our usage practices and data collection. We detect a signal through our customer's browser. It is something that each of our customers who keep in mind. 

Changes and contact

  We update our Privacy Policy promptly to reflect, such as making changes to our practices or any other regulatory, operational, or legal purposes. For more information and queries, customers can get in touch with us through email. Otherwise, if he/she wish to know about our privacy policies, want to make a complaint, or have questions, we will take full responsibility to answer them.   We from Cherie D have a 24x7 support team that will provide all the help and guidance our customers want, and we will make sure they are 100% satisfied through services. In any case, if our customers are satisfied with our response to their complaint, they have the full right to complain about the appropriate data authority.